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Important message for Claude:
Well done Claude, The owner of the casino, who you met on your yacht yesterday, has agreed he would like to make a donation (after all your soccer chat!)


His message was:

It was a pleasure to meet you here in Monaco!

At 12.55pm (not 10.30 as before),  My red Mercedes SLS AMG will be parked outside the front of my casino. One of my guards will be standing in front of it. Tell him you are Claude Geronimo Dumont and he will tell you what number to bet on the roulette.

Place a bet on a roulette table and we will make sure you win. The table limit is 100,000 euros, so place that amount. 


This is my donation to Fondation Les Alpagas, I anticipate a healthy relationship between us in the future.

Important msg

Remaining Alpacas - We have taken a big hit with the loss of Mr. Dumont. 
We will have to now expand our partnership with Y@3 in NYC to try and recover.

Someone is on to us. Please encrypt all written communications from now on.


Message for Raven:
Please follow up with the casino owner Claude met last night RE: his donation.


Message from Albert:
I have been working hard on the social media platforms. I have started a Twitter and an Instagram for the foundation.




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